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Our Values

Our company invests in professional and technical competence. A major requirement is that all employees have a deep understanding of their job. Our team members have excellent professional backgrounds. What we value most in everyday work are qualities like initiative, dedication, personal responsibility, loyalty, enthusiasm, professionalism and commitment. We attribute our success to these qualities. They form the basis for our customers’ trust in our advice and our solutions.

What we focus on most, as a key value, are the specific business needs of our clients. We work hard to understand their long-term business goals. PKF Bulgaria’s professionals offer fully customized services on a partner-led basis. The company is a good employer and a good place for professional and personal growth. Our partners are close to our staff members. They share ideas and concerns. This creates a positive environment which ultimately affects our relationships with clients in a very constructive way.

We know that people are our most valuable asset. We know that trust is what unites people with similar goals. Therefore, we provide loyalty, and accordingly, we demand it from our employees. To make a good career in our environment, our experts must be able to solve problems critically, be accurate in their analytical decisions and respond quickly to changes in a complicated environment.

In short: we work with outstanding individuals for outstanding clients. We strongly believe in being close to our customers on a professional level. You will be supported by a partner who knows your business and your business environment. Our partners’ approach is that of an entrepreneurially-minded adviser. Commitment, integrity, responsibility and stability are the key ingredients of our customer service. We believe that every one of our clients is unique and we act accordingly. We strive to satisfy unique business needs that demand unique business solutions.