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Assistance in tax inspections and tax appeal cases

This service is mainly focused on companies which are already VAT registered and who are subject of tax inspections. Our qualified assistance will help you minimize the effects of a potential negative inspection conclusion.

What we offer is not only our experts’ deep knowledge of legislation and experience, but also their excellent relations with tax authorities. We can guide you through the tax inspection process, facilitating the communication with tax authorities and making sure the inspection runs correctly.

Our services include:

  • Legal situation analysis;
  • Actual situation investigation;
  • Preparation of sustainable arguments;
  • Evaluation of fiscal risks;
  • Assisting you during the inspection process, so that you can concentrate on the everyday activities of your usual business;
  • Representation of clients during discussions with tax authorities
  • Presenting legal and technical arguments in their favor;
  • Evaluating the chances of success in an eventual trial against inspection conclusions;
  • Fiscal litigations assistance, if the client decides to choose this procedure.